The Growing Republican 10th Amendment Debate

A major issue for limited government conservatives to track in upcoming Republican presidential debates is the conversation on the 10th Amendment. This amendment reserves rights not enumerated to the federal government to the states and people, and is a major tenet of federalism. This states' rights issue is critical in the debate over the scope of the federal government.  Unfortunately, the principle of local governance is easily tarred and feathered by the left using the Jim Crow and slavery memes. Since most welfare schemes cannot survive interstate competition, it is imperative that they be imposed on a national level. The August 11 debate has made it apparent that much of the Republican field still needs to find solid philosophical footing regarding the division of federal and state prerogatives. Mitt Romney attempted a federalist argument in favor of his individual health insurance mandate in Massachusetts. Similarly, Ron Paul actually asserted that the 10th Amendment...(Read Full Post)