Exasperated lib columnist admonishes Obama

I confess that I'm having great fun watching the liberals waking up to the fact that the image of President Obama they bought into was a fantasy, and underneath is an arrogant, cold, and incompetent executive, with no experience at all in running anything.

This morning brings Colbert King, the liberal Washington Post columnist, who take his first step down the path to a reality-based perception of  The One.  King displays a certain annoyance with Barack Obama, explaining to the president why it is so stupid for him to be going on vacation:

Is there anyone in the White House with nerve enough to tell Barack Obama that Martha's Vineyard is the last place on earth that the president of the United States should find himself next week? (snip)

But to be leaving town to spend 10 days luxuriating in an affluent, New England summer town when millions of Americans can't find work? To fly off to the Vineyard when the public is losing faith in Washington's ability to fix the nation's economic problems, and with people anxious about their futures?

What is he thinking? It's not as if the Obama family is living in deprivation in Washington.

Without leaving the White House grounds, they have access to five full-time chefs, a tennis court, a bowling alley, a swimming pool, a jogging trail, a putting green and a movie theater that shows first-run films on demand. That's hardly roughing it.

King goes on to list many other facilities and luxuries available to the president and his family.  What's fascinating here is the indirect allusion to the parties, the hobnobbing with stars and athletes, the exuberant exploitation of their supreme position in the American status hierarchy.  The Obamas take such pleasure in using to the utmost, all of the privileges and facilities made available to live large.  The sheer number of parties they throw is astounding, though almost unmentioned in the liberal media, so far.  

This is not the way a president should be spending his time. Not when, for the first time in U.S. history, the country's credit rating has been downgraded; when so many families are barely scraping by, many not knowing where the next mortgage or rent payment is coming from.

It is by now obvious to King and many others, that President Obama spends an awful lot of time in leisure activities and just isn't very good at running things. He is implying that things are going to hell because Obama is lazy, not spending enough time at it.

None of this is explicitly mentioned, of course. But the foreknowledge is out there for both King and his readers. So I take this as evidence that the more unappealing side of Barack and Michelle's personalities is sinking in, now that Obama's performance in office has so miserably and obviously failed to meet expectations.