Texas Tames the Dogs of Tort

Rick Perry is a trial lawyer's worst nightmare.  Tort reform in Texas has paid off in job growth ,and the lessons for the nation are too clear.  Back in June, I predicted in a piece here at American Thinker that if Perry entered the presidential race, trial lawyers in America would mobilize and go after him as a frothing, mad dog pack.  From an article at Politico, it would appear that is indeed the case. Why is that, you say? Well, for starters, Texas has been on the road to commonsense tort reform since the 1990's, trying to end the state's long reign as a favored trial lawyers' venue.  Back then, Texas was ranked dead last by insurance companies because of its propensity for hugely unrealistic awards in civil suits.  For far too many years, plaintiffs' lawyers from across America sought the most tenuous ties between their causes of action and friendly Texas courtrooms.  In certain areas of Texas, juries comprised primarily of poor and uneducated...(Read Full Post)