Greece Outlawing Shariah Law?

Reports are coming from Greece that Shariah Law will be abolished with regard to Greek Family Law. These reforms are being met with applause from many people in Greece and around the world. This will mean that in Greek civil courts, Muslims, who are the only state recognized minority, will not be able to use Shariah law to establish the right of polygamy and the inequality of Muslim women to men. The Greek courts will also use Greek laws to regulate the family and hereditary relations of all Greek citizens. By enacting this law the consequences include the elimination of the judicial authority held by the Mufti who will only remain as the religious leader of the Greek Muslims.

In support of anti-Shariah law the National Committee on Human Rights has stated that Shariah Law actually abuses the rights and values of all Greek Muslims rather than protecting them. The Committee has determined that Muslim Shariah law is not compatible with the Greek Constitution as these national laws are equally applicable for both men and women.

The significance of this ban is indicative of the growing awareness public officials have of the failure, not to mention dangers, of multiculturalism in their countries with regard to Muslim non-assimilation. This has led to an impassioned discussion in numbers of countries for the enactment of anti-Shariah laws and regulations regarding illegal immigration and quota systems for legal entry.

The Greek ban against Islamic laws that attempt to usurp the laws of the land is part of the legal actions European and other western societies are considering because they have a large and growing Islamic population whose aspirations are for a global caliphate, beginning with the defense of Shariah Law. We have already seen the government of France ban the burka and Australians considering the same law.  There is Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel who has said that Muslims must obey the Constitution and not Sharia law if they want to live in Germany.  In an Amsterdam court we witnessed the long-awaited acquittal of Geert Wilders in the trial that accused him of criminally insulting and inciting hatred against Muslims, a trial that put freedom of speech to the test.

In the face of these legal boundaries, one has to anticipate a backlash from Muslims living in Greece, as well as others around the world. In fact, this could very well be a catalyst for Islamic radicals that will target Greece. It is apparent that as more Western governments try to put a strong hold on Shariah Law the more pressure Islamic forces will use to try to divide the Muslim communities as well as non-Muslims.

I imagine the spokespeople who will try to defend Shariah Law will use similar arguments put out by Muslims and liberal elites who are fighting the introduction of such laws in various US state courts.  They will argue that the Constitution protects religious freedom and these laws are unconstitutional.  However, Shariah Law speaks to social and political laws, not the freedom to practice religion within the laws of the land.  They also will make the argument that Shariah Law is compatible with the Constitution. This can't be further from the truth.  One has to wonder how much tolerance a democracy has to advocate before it makes its own deathbed?

As Islamic populations expand in communities and branches out to cities, states and nations, anti-Shariah laws are necessary to prevent the misinterpretation and misuse of the right to freedom of religion. It is important to prevent crimes against another human being that are condoned and justified by one religion over all other religions.  It will make all crimes against another person immoral and illegal if done in the name of Allah.  It is my hope and prayer that anti-Shariah laws will insure freedoms for all people and prevent the Islamization of Western civilization.