Some Gave All, Obama Shot Par

Without question, President Obama seems to have long ago perfected the art of evading responsibility, better perhaps than even most teenagers, and whoever coined the phrase "working vacation."   Obama's favored modus oper-voidance continues to be the game of golf  -- a sport for which many, including me, share a great affection -- even if Obama still seems unaware golf is a game best played in less perilous times.  Say, retirement -- around 2013.   Obama has played at least four rounds of golf -- in between dribbling, biking, and socializing with major fundraisers -- since beginning his 10-day family vacation on Martha's Vineyard, which comes as no surprise.  Honestly, I tire of even discussing his juvenile preoccupation with public recreation at this juncture in the fundamental transformation, but the image of an obtuse Obama on the course this time around strikes a particularly heart wrenching nerve.  On his first full day of vacation, August...(Read Full Post)