People turning against 'The Party of Government'

A screed appears in the New York Times on Sunday authored by Stanly B. Greenberg, Bill Clinton's pollster, entitled "Why Voters Tune Out Democrats." He laments America's growing suspicion and revulsion for Government and therefore the party of Government, namely the Democrats. He notes: "Our research shows that the growth of self-identified conservatives began in the fall of 2008 with the Wall Street bailout, well before Mr. Obama embarked on his recovery and spending program. The public watched the elite and leaders of both parties rush to the rescue. The government saved irresponsible executives who bankrupted their own companies, hurt many people and threatened the welfare of the country." This pollster goes on to advocate better "messaging" for the Democrats. Perhaps if Democrats were more truthful about their actions (votes) instead of concentrating on their propoganda, Americans would not "tune them out". In my opinion, the bank bailout after the property bubble in America...(Read Full Post)