Using the Military for Politics

The despicable use of our military for political purposes has got to stop.  Last night, Adm. Mullen, an Obama lackey, has warned the military members under his command that they might not get paid.  This statement is patently false, unless the Obama Administration decides not to pay the troops but use the money coming into the treasury for some other purpose, perhaps some new union pensions or whatever.  The troops are seemingly believing of their leaders and are very concerned that this bogus threat is actually true.  A real leader, unlike that mess that currently occupies the White House, would surely guarantee that funding for the military, Social Security, Medicare and the Debt payments are of the highest priority and will not be curtailed while congress decides whether or not to allow more money to be borrowed to feed the needy voters. 

I know that while in Vietnam if such a statement had been issued by Johnson or Nixon there would have been hell to pay with our commanders in the field but with this guy not so much, count this as the liberalization of our military leaders writ large.  A real commander would tell the Commander in Chief where to get off if his men were being used for such a blatant political tool.  Stop it now!