Obama's base losing faith

More on how parts pf Obama's base seem to be losing faith in him. As James Taranto points out about the progressives who say Obama is betraying them,   Progs loved Bill Clinton because he was a winner. They loathe Barack Obama because he is a loser. But Obama is a loser in large part because he is unwilling to do what Clinton did to make himself a winner: cast aside progressive ideology when it is expedient to do so. Obama isn't betraying the left, the left is betraying Obama--and they are doing so precisely because he has done what they say they want him to do. Then there is this from Jim Geraghty Raise your hand if you expected Chris Matthews of MSNBC to label this report, about Obama planning a highly negative campaign against Romney, as "the return of Swiftboat attacks" and "going from hope and change to dig-up-and-destroy." If Chris Matthews' leg has stopped tingling Obama must be in real trouble.(Read Full Post)