Harry Reid shows his hand in super committee picks

Not entirely unexpected, but Reid's choices for this super committee show that the Democrats have absolutely no intention of making serious cuts in entitlements.


In the first of what will be a closely watched selection process for a powerful new deficit panel, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced he will appoint Democratic Sens. Patty Murray (Wash.), Max Baucus (Mont.) and John Kerry (Mass.) as his three choices for a super committee charged with finding more than $1 trillion in spending cuts by the end of this year.

Murray will serve as co-chair of the 12-member panel. Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) will select her co-chair and two other panelists, as required by the next debt limit agreement signed into law by President Barack Obama last week. Minority Leaders Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell will each select three additional members.

Baucus is a weak sister and will do pretty much what Murray tells him. Murray is a radical liberal as is Kerry and they can be counted on to dig in their heels and oppose any and all cuts to entitlement programs.

Pelosi's picks will almost certainly mirror Reid's - probably be even more radical. The Dems are setting the committee up to fail and then they will sit back and watch, daring the GOP to allow the draconian cuts promised in the debt limit deal to go through.

Reid's picks show that the super committee is going to be a political sideshow. The real action will come when the day approaches for the automatic cuts to be made. Dems will cry about starving kids and sickly grammas and evil Republicans wanting everyone who isn't white and rich to die. Eventually, the GOP will be forced to fold and just like that, no cuts, no reform - and the debt limit will have been increased.

Just as they all expected it would go from the beginning.

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