Obama boxes himself in on jobs

Walter Russell Mead nicely sums up how the Feeding the Mass on Unicorn Ribs green jobs strategy of the Obama administration has now boxed him in on job creation: The cost is not simply the stimulus funds wasted on "investments" that don't produce any jobs.  It's not just the opportunity cost as more practical and reasonable job creation agendas were shoved aside to make room for the unicorn hunt.  It's the credibility cost.  The President cannot successfully make the case for stimulus so many of his supporters would like him to make when the opposition can cite figures like $2 million a job, or point to jobs shipped overseas and companies shut down.  Worse, the failed unicorn barbecue undermines the President's ability to convince the American people that he knows how to create jobs.  Thirty months of poor job numbers while the White House was off chasing unicorns and hyping green jobs as a national strategy means that the administration has forfeited public...(Read Full Post)