Hypocrisy hiding behind a Hurricane

Last week Captain Leonard Egland, an eighteen year Army veteran, shot and killed four people in a brief murder rampage.  CPT Egland was the first military officer involved in the taking of so many lives since the Fort Hood shooting almost two years ago.  That is attributable to the fact that it is an exceptionally unusual occurrence for a commissioned officer of any military service to commit such a violent criminal act.  Perhaps it's the testing and screening, combined with officer training that emphasizes self-control under the most daunting conditions, but for whatever reasons, military officers engaging in mass murder is rare.   The essential role played by marital propriety in a male or female officer's career, is such that domestic violence in the officer community is equally rare, especially when compared with what it is among the troops they lead. What is proving to be even more rare is coverage of the Egland murders by the mainstream media.  Here we...(Read Full Post)