GOP nominee must be more than the anti-Obama candidate

There is great euphoria within the Republican Party.  President Obama is at the lowest point of his presidency, as seen by the surge in his disapproval number which now stands at 55%.  Obama appears quite susceptible to defeat next November.  Recent polls show him neck-and-neck with several potential GOP foes. However, defeating Obama will not result by just being the "Anti-Obama" candidate regardless of who the nominee eventually is.  Recent history proves that just being anti-incumbent is a recipe for failure.  The strategy failed for Democrat John Kerry in his race to defeat George W. Bush in 2004 and the same anti-incumbant campaign strategy contributed towards Bob Dole's loss to the incumbent president, Bill Clinton, in 1996. While it's true that Barack Obama ran a largely anti-Bush campaign with success in the 2008 campaign,  remember that Obama was not running against an incumbent Recall that, in 2004, the Kerry camp was predominately absent of new...(Read Full Post)