EPA's Ozone Charade Chokes Industry for No Health Benefit

Environmentalist ideologues in the Obama administration are making up more reasons to wipe out more jobs. The story is a sordid one. EPA administrator Lisa Jackson calls a tightening in the ozone standard during George W. Bush's presidency "not legally defensible." Why? Not because the lower threshold is too stringent. No, Jackson is bent out of shape because industry's cost of compliance was taken into account when setting the tighter limit. The EPA wants to ratchet the ozone standard down even further with no regard for cost whatsoever. On what considerations would such an additional reduction be based? Why, scientific considerations, says the EPA. But the agency is ignoring the utter lack of evidence that industrially-generated ozone affects human health. JunkScience.com's Steve Milloy finds that the EPA is resorting to "dubious laboratory tests to provide a rationale for its claim that there is no safe threshold of exposure to ozone." Tests conducted at ozone concentrations beyond...(Read Full Post)