Now you finally know why VP Biden is a member of the 'cracked head club'

Reader BayouBabe reminded me of a possible explanation why Vice President Joseph Biden (D) called Rep Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) a fellow crackhead.

I have to give Biden a pass on this one. He survived two brain aneurysms. After one ruptured, the second was discovered and surgically taken care of before rupture. Although he can't completely identify with Giffords - no one tried violently to murder him - he, like her, certainly had a terrifying brush with death. I, as a member of the cracked head club, appreciate his humor and firmly believe humor is the best medicine.

Oh, of course! How could I have forgotten the numerous calls for Biden to reconsider running for the Senate and later for the hopefully never to happen heartbeat away from the presidency; the deep analysis of whether Biden's several brain surgeries would affect his judgment in the nation's second highest and second most demanding office; the detailed medical reports certified by Biden's numerous physicians attesting to his health and fitness?

Whoops! I didn't forget them because they didn't happen. Obama anointed him; that was his unimpeachable physical and mental certification. Michelle Bachmann's migraines, Sarah Palin's fertility engendered more heat without light from the Democrats and their media lapdogs, proving again their bias against healthy, intelligent upppity women who don't wallow in victimhood.