Chastened Wall Street executives donate to Romney this time

The Hill is reporting that dozens of Wall Street executives who gave money to Barack Obama in 2008 are donating to Mitt Romney in 2012: Dozens of Wall Street executives who supported President Obama in 2008 have donated to Mitt Romney's presidential campaign this year. According to a review of fundraising data, 67 people who work in the financial sector and live in the New York City metro area gave to Obama in 2008 and the former Massachusetts governor in 2011. The reversals come in the wake of Obama's tough rhetoric on Wall Street, most notably last year when the president was pushing Congress to pass what became known as the Dodd-Frank law. The 67 individuals who live in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut donated at least once to Obama's 2008 campaign. They have since directed contributions amounting to more than $147,000 toward Romney's presidential campaign. The crossover donors are employed by a large number of banks, private equity firms and hedge-fund companies, including...(Read Full Post)