The President Who Cried 'Recovery'

From unemployment not going above 8%, to almost a trillion dollar stimulus that will create shovel-ready jobs, to last summer being the "summer of recovery," and today's economy being better than it was when he was elected, the hope and change President's cry of economic recovery to the people has been very consistent - up till now. Unfortunately, like the boy who cried wolf, the President who cried recovery is now being forced to face the truth regarding the actual condition of the economy.  

As Aesop's story goes, the boy who cried wolf found himself in a rather precarious position when faced with an actual wolf. The boy's cries fell on deaf ears, as the town's people no longer paid attention to the boy who had tricked them so many times before with his false alarms. So the boy was left to deal with the wolf on his own; and we all know the end and the moral of that story.

As America's story continues, we have a President who has found himself in a very similar position to the boy who cried wolf. The President's cries of recovery for two and a half years, with economic signs showing just the opposite, have begun to ring hollow among the people.

Unfortunately, the boy who cried wolf didn't graduate from an Ivy League school or have a crowd of consultants to help him deal with the town's people when a real wolf showed up.  

But the president who cried recovery has all of that - and more.

With the economy showing signs of slowing, and possibility headed into a double-dip recession, the President and his consultants have come up with a new cry for the people: "recovery sabotage."

Here's the new twist on the old story:

The recovery that was, that actually really wasn't, would be a recovery today, if not for the meddling and manipulation of the Tea Party and Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives that retroactively sabotaged the recovery that began the day President Barack Obama implemented his economic policies; thus vindicating the President who cried recovery by proving a grand scheme by Republicans to do whatever it takes to ensure that Obama would be a one term President.

The boy who cried wolf should be so smart.