The Deportation Busing Argument

George Will on ABC's "This Week" (Sunday) succinctly stated the "Busing Argument." It  would take a line of buses "bumper-to-bumper extending from San Diego to Alaska" to deport 11 million illegals.  Ok.  That is absurd.  Deportation? Forget it.  Can't work. The insidious aspect to the busing argument is that it is used to launch unimplied alternatives. Bus them all at once or give up altogether on the idea of busing. Can't get rid of the problem by busing therefore live with it and grant some sort of amnesty. Can't get rid of the problem by forced busing therefore force is not the answer.  Had GW followed up with the observation that other forms of force and inducements are called for, there would be no argument here.  Strange that the busing argument has traction as when it is transported to other venues it is obviously vapid.  Can't solve the drug abuse problem by drug interdiction therefore drug interdiction is stupid. How about just bending...(Read Full Post)