Flourishing Cuban Black Market Raises Questions

The Castro regime announced a few months ago their latest so-called economic plan in order to ease the plight of undernourished Cuban citizens. With no employment in sight and no cooperation from its inhabitants, they forcibly took the only route possible by allowing "private business."

Well, it's their version of the Chinese experiment, where one can actually own their own business.  But then again, it is situated on top of Castro regime-owned land. The "masters of repression" have given in and are showing the world, how much of an economic disaster their 52 year old Communist system really is and always was.

It is also shining light on the Black Market in Cuba and its importance.  It is really nothing new and has existed in Cuba for the longest time, but now it has tripled and it is flourishing.  So says the latest Associated Press release and it's a must read, here. This Cuban carefully constructed correspondence raises many questions concerning the current economic woes in Cuba. Here are a just a few and which would certainly sprout even more:

Are the Cubans living in Cuba more interested in economic change than human rights?

Will the Cubans in Cuba revolt against the Castro regime?

Is the Castro regime in charge of this Black Market?

What are the specific countries providing the products sold in the Cuban Black Market?

What is the main choice of currency used in the Black Market?

Who is to blame why the Black Market has tripled?

Will this help the Castro regime stay in power even longer?

Is the Castro regime losing grip of power and is on its last leg?

Could this just be a matter of survival for the Cubans in Cuba?

How long has the Castro regime been breaking every single article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

When will the Castro regime step down and face criminal charges?

Anyone in his right mind knows the answers to these questions, but still, there are those who feel different and even sympathize with the Castro regime.  For those heartless individuals, maybe they should directly obtain the answers and from the victimized Cubans in Cuba themselves. It would be ideal, accurate and much more convenient to hear it from the horse's mouth, so this enormous mystery could once and for all be answered. The Cuban citizens themselves could answer these questions themselves, but then again, the ability to voice their opinion is against the law and prohibited by the Castro regime. All one can really do is analyze the situation in the most logical manner and be as rational as possible.

There's no real necessity at all to even ponder around with these types of questions, but unfortunately for the Cuban citizens and their immediate exiled family members, it is most urgently needed.  Blinders and blindfolds would be the ideal headwear if one would choose to acknowledge and agree that these drastic measures are favorable and prosperous for the Cuban citizen.  

Only a ruthless immoral individual would agree to favoring the Castro regime in any way answering any questions dealing with economics in Cuba.  As for Marx, Engels and Lenin, they are simultaneuosly turning in their graves with great disappointment, as they witness their prodigals sons, Fidel and Raul, reduced to useless reformists, governing over a third world "Black Market" economical catastrophe. Viva La Revolucion!

Jose Reyes is Owner/Editor of Cubanology.com