Flourishing Cuban Black Market Raises Questions

The Castro regime announced a few months ago their latest so-called economic plan in order to ease the plight of undernourished Cuban citizens. With no employment in sight and no cooperation from its inhabitants, they forcibly took the only route possible by allowing "private business." Well, it's their version of the Chinese experiment, where one can actually own their own business.  But then again, it is situated on top of Castro regime-owned land. The "masters of repression" have given in and are showing the world, how much of an economic disaster their 52 year old Communist system really is and always was. It is also shining light on the Black Market in Cuba and its importance.  It is really nothing new and has existed in Cuba for the longest time, but now it has tripled and it is flourishing.  So says the latest Associated Press release and it's a must read, here. This Cuban carefully constructed correspondence raises many questions concerning the current economic...(Read Full Post)