Same-sex Marriage: No Gay Required

It's so much easier to say "gay marriage" than it is to say "same-sex marriage," "gender-neutral marriage" or any other tortured expression the media might invent.  Indeed, "gay marriage" does roll more trippingly off the tongue, but it's really not "gay marriage" at all.  When applying for a marriage license, there is no box to check, no oath to take, no questions about a person's sexual proclivity.  Ironically, the very heart of the "gay marriage" movement -- homosexuality -- gets nary a mention on the marriage application. I know, I know.  It's love, not homosexuality, that is at the heart of the gay marriage movement.  But, hey, I'm not the one calling it "gay" marriage.  Sexuality, after all, is the centerpiece of the entire gay movement.  In fact, sexuality is the singular reason for the gay movement.  If all the gay boys suddenly started liking girls and all the gay girls suddenly started liking boys, we wouldn't even be having this...(Read Full Post)