Arizona Republicans Launch Website to Raise Funds for Border Fence

Major League Baseball's Mid-Summer Classic, the All-Star Game, has come and gone, having been hosted by Phoenix last week.  No backlash occurred at the game as a result of last year's passing of SB 1070, Arizona's then tough new immigration law.  However, a new controversy may arise due to Arizona's House Bill 2162.  HB 2162 amended "1070" and created the Joint Border Security Advisory Committee.  One of the duties the Committee has taken on, under the auspices of yet another Senate Bill, SB 1406, is to oversee construction of a border fence using private or publicly donated funds.  The construction of the fence is to feature prison labor according to the bill. 


A website designed to spread the word and collect the funds for the fence was unveiled yesterday at a launch party held in Casa Grande, Arizona.  The website is called Build the Border Fence.


The new website is similar in nature to one launched to raise money for border sheriffs in Arizona. asks the public for monies to be used to fight off lawsuits filed against the sheriffs who are enforcing Arizona's laws designed to slow the tide of illegal immigration. 


Are these websites just the beginning of a new trend in combating the neglect coming from Washington D.C. when it comes to fulfilling the will of the people?  While our tax dollars are spent in areas that we the people have no desire to have them spent on, our voluntary targeted donations may have to save the day until help arrives in November 2012.

UPDATE: Arizona Republic notes that the new website to accept donations towards the construction of a border fence has raised $39K in first 17 hours

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