Poll games

Both Big Government and NROs Campaign Spot have noticed what seems to be a trend in recently released polls on political issues and possible 2012 presidential matchups: The use of random samples of "adults" as opposed to "registered voter" or "likely voters".  As Dr, Susan Berry at Big Government notes: Keep in mind that likely voters are not representative of the general population of telephone owners. Likely voters are generally more aware and informed about the issues, enough to commit to get out and vote. I anticipate any number of games will be played with media sponsored polls in the coming months to make Obama's numbers look better.  In addition to the composition of the sample, the wording of questions, the order in which they get asked and the omission of a key question can all skew the results.  More than ever it pays to go to the poll itself and examine the details instead of relying on the media's summary.   Questions on policy details are...(Read Full Post)