Rahm blows his top

For quite a while, Rahm Emanuel has been able to successfully present himself as someone far removed from the politician who once mailed a colleague a dead fish and  had screamed "you're dead" during a meeting.  The old Rahm Emanuel just came out during an interview with NBC-5's veteran reporter Mary Ann Ahern.  (video) She asked Emanuel what school he had chosen to send his children (would they go to one of the CPS schools?).  Emanuel went ballistic.  He yelled, pointed a finger at her and stepped within inches of her.

When Rahm talked with another reporter, Jay Levine (one of the reporters who tried to prevent a conservative radio host from asking substantive questions of Emanuel during the Columbus Day parade), he did say he is sending his children to the same school then-Sen. Obama sent his children, the private and elite University of Chicago's Laboratory School.  The Chicago Tribine today reports on the Levine interview.

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