Obama continues his war on cheap American energy

Barack Obama's EPA has been on a crusade to kill off efforts to boost America's domestic energy supplies. We are now among the least attractive nations for energy companies seeking to explore and develop energy supplies. The American people are waking up to the man-made disaster that Barack Obama has created. Three quarters of Americans now think our oil and gas resources are under-exploited.  Yet, Barack Obama and his Democratic allies are doing all they can do kill carbon and jam down our throats ruinously expensive and uneconomic green schemes that benefit their donors. Among the steps they are now taking is jury-rigging a panel that the EPA has created to "study" shale gas, tilting the verdict on the safety of developing this abundant and cheap energy resource. Shale gas uses a technology called "fracking" to release natural gas trapped in shale rock, thousands and thousands of feet underground and well-below water tables. Fracking has become a hot technology -- one that...(Read Full Post)