A god or a flake?

Barack Obama was sold to the American people as a messianic figure, or as Evan Thomas of Newsweek, caught up in the hype said, "He stands astride the world like a sort of god."

In less than three years of his administration, this "god" is falling from the sky, and indications are he will hit the ground with a sickening thud.  Economic devastation is everywhere on the American landscape; we are teetering on the brink of a depression; he has insulted the British by returning a bust of Winston Churchill; he has alienated our ally Israel by telling them where their borders should be (they don't know, he knows), and has embarrassed himself by muffing a toast to Queen Elizabeth.

The Bible tells us in Genesis that God created the heavens and the earth in seven days. We had a clue that something was amiss when this  "god" was unable to close Guantanamo Bay after almost three years.  What kind of god is unable to close a tiny detention facility with fewer than 200 prisoners? Pretty pathetic, I would say.

I am looking forward to the day Chris Wallace interviews Obama during the upcoming 2012 election. I expect to hear a question something along these lines:

"Mr. President, your first term has been, to put it politely, a disaster for the American people. The nation is in worse economic shape than it has ever been.  Every one of your initiatives, from cash for clunkers to the mortgage rescue plan have failed. ObamaCare is wreaking havoc in the healthcare industry.  More people are on food stamps than at any time in history. More people than ever now believe things are going to get much worse for future generations. You now have us in a war in Libya that was supposed to last days, not months.  And your own projections show trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see, a situation which you yourself have said is unsustainable. People have been disheartened to learn that you think there are 57 states, that Austrians speak Austrian, and that you are unable to string two coherent sentences together without the aid of a teleprompter."

"Isn't it now fair to say, sir, that you are a flake?"