Leftist mythology debunked by new autopsy

Investor' Business Daily brings the news that yet another leftist historical lie has been shattered, and a hero-martyr revealed as a sham. For nearly 40 years the left has been dining out on the idea that Chilean Marxist dictator Salvador Allende was murdered by some dark evil CIA-Pinochet cabal. It's appeared in newspapers, in academia, from politicians like Ted Kennedy, and in highly celebrated Hollywood movies like "Missing." Great writers like Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Christopher Hitchens have spread it -- with powerful enough voices to integrate it into the culture.   But the originator of the canard has been Fidel Castro, he and his sycophants on the left need to spread this canard about The Original Sin of Pinochet so as to discredit Chile's free market revolution as tainted. Right now, America is in desperate need for Chile's experience on social security privatization, debt reduction, collective bargaining reform and other things. But there's been a haze of lies about...(Read Full Post)