Independence Day is a conservative holiday

Much has been made of the recently released Harvard University study that revealed the celebration of the 4th of July holiday was a boon to Republican Party membership, while doing nothing to stimulate interest in the Democrats. While sure to stir the self-righteous anger of many on the left, I observed something this 4th of July that makes the reason for this study's results self-evident: Independence Day is a holiday for conservatives, not liberals.  Now, before my Democrat friends lose all control of their bodily functions, let me explain my point. There are many self-described progressives I know who enjoyed the family cookout, the parades, the fireworks and music associated with the 4th.  They dusted off an American flag and hung it from their porch for a day, and some even popped in a DVD of Independence Day to watch Bill Pullman and Will Smith save the world from alien invaders.  But while this 24 hour surge of patriotic fervor was nice to see from those who find...(Read Full Post)