Hey, it's fine with me, but the hypocrisy is absolutely breathtaking

President Obama Has a Secret Prison on a Navy Ship. Via Washington Post:

The U.S. military secretly captured a terrorism suspect in the Gulf of Aden in April and detained him for more than two months aboard a U.S. Navy ship before flying him to New York City on Tuesday and indicting him on federal terrorism charges.

The operation indicates a new willingness by the Obama administration to capture and interrogate terrorism suspects outside war zones, U.S. officials said.

The Somali suspect, Ahmed Abdulkadir Warsame, was questioned by military interrogators before he was read his rights in June and turned over to federal law enforcement officials aboard the ship for additional questioning. Federal officials charged him with nine counts of terrorism-related offenses, according to the indictment unsealed in federal court Tuesday in New York. . .

Just like Gitmo, but with a Lido deck! - Greg Pollowitz