Greeks bearing real gifts

Israel scored a major coup Friday when the Greek government barred the departure of vessels trying to hook up with a pro-Hamas flotilla seeking to breach Israel's naval blockade of Gaza Immediately affected are a U.S. vessel with 50 pro-Hamas provocateurs, with the Obama moniker of The Audacity of Hope, and a Canadian ship.  The U.S. vessel tried to defy the Greek ban and took off, only to be halted by the Greek Coast guard and, after a no-nonsense encounter with Greek commandos, was forced to head back to Greece. Other vessels in Greek ports may suffer a similar fate.  This development is the latest, but perhaps the most significant, event in a growing chain of mishaps which have bedeviled organizers of this would-be blockade-running flotilla.  Earlier, two vessels were found to have been sabotaged.  Also, under pressure from the Turkish government, a notorious Turkish vessel, the Mavi Marmara, bowed out, citing "technical difficulties."  This is the same...(Read Full Post)