Weiner's 'Official' Problem

Anthony Weiner is an official liar. he first lied in denying that he had done anything wrong in the beginning of what will forever be known as Weinergate, claiming falsely that he was hacked. That was quickly disproved. He then went before the press corps and admitted his guilt in the sexting incident but denied that his sexual aberrations overlapped into his official activities. That has now been summarily disproved. The pics are there for all to see and they were taken in an official federal edifice, the congressional gym, in the heart of the official federal capital of the republic by a federal official, a congressman from New York. That seems to me to be fairly official. OK, I don't presume to know the workout schedule followed by Weiner but I'm curious as to what time of day those pictures were taken. If they were snapped late in the evening after all congressional duties had been performed in accordance with the usual norms, or early in the morning before Weiner's constituents...(Read Full Post)