Retired Cop Gets $293,000 Thanks to Union Contract

Do you plan to retire at age 59 and get $293,000 from the taxpayers - plus a generous pension?

No? Well, you're in the wrong line of work, sucker!

The Buffalo News reports that a police lieutenant in Cheektowaga, NY, a suburb of Buffalo, retired in 2010 at age 59 and pulled in a cool $293,000 in his last year on the job, thanks to the terms of the contract negotiated with the public employee unions.

Lt. Ken Hycner earned approximately $92,000 for 10 months work in 2010, and then collected $29,000 "for unused vacation, sick and comp time in 2010" and another $171,000 for "unused vacation, sick and comp time" over his 30+ year career.

Oh - and he also gets a pension of nearly $74,000 per annum, all courtesy of the New York State taxpayer.

Pretty sweet, huh?

Perhaps the "thin blue line" should be called the "fat blue line" to more accurately describe the bulging wallets of the cops. Who in his right mind would join the Mob when you can make more money than a Mafia don by becoming a cop and have the unions shake down the taxpayers for you?

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