Weiner resignation: Be careful what you wish for, GOP

The GOP is, perhaps, second only to the PLO in never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity. No good can come of a Republican call on Rep. Weiner to resign.  A Republican with keen political instincts and populist  passion, would instead, I submit, have noted  Rep. Weiner's contention that he did not violate his oath of office, pointed out that Rep. Weiner made false accusation, and conclude that as it is not unusual for Democrats to make false accusations against Republicans -- perhaps most notably when  asserting that Republican policies will bring death and suffering to  young and old, and all ages in-between -- for Democrats,  making a false accusation  against one's political foes is  a violation neither of  of the Constitution, ethics or morality but,  rather, a political imperative.    True, uttering a false report is prohibited in the Bible (see, e.g. Exodus 23:1) but,  in view of the...(Read Full Post)