How to sweep Weinergate under the rug

Nancy Pelosi is calling for an ethics investigation to see if Rep. Anthony Weiner broke House rules.  The fact of the matter is it doesn't matter.  What Weiner did was, well, simply stupid, especially considering the fact that the privacy of the internet, let alone, Facebook, is constantly in question.  

Being an elected official, being able to access important and secret information, Weiner should've had more respect for his position and for the voters, and for the fact that he put himself into a perfect situation to be blackmail because of his inappropriate behavior.

So, as usual, Pelosi is wrong, but this is on purpose.  She knows an investigation is the best way to sweep this trash under the bureaucratic rug.  If she were honest, an improbability with her, she shouldn't be calling for and investigation but resignation.  If she is not interested in Weiner's resignation, Pelosi, in not demanding one from the dishonored Democrat, perhaps she should offer her own as well.