Weiner: 'I haven't told the truth'

Speaking to the press assembled at a Sheraton hotel in New York City, Anthony Weiner admitted he did send the notorious crotch photo to a Seattle coed published by Andrew Breitbart.  "I haven't told the truth," he averred. "I deeply regret what I have done and I am not resigning. I have made it clear I am accepting responsibility for this." However, the Congressman, now exposed as a liar, refuses to resign. Asked by the press if he apologizes to Breitbart, he spoke of apologizing to his wife in particular and to others, but omitted naming Breitbart, who was accused of Weiner's allies of fabricating a hoax.  Prior to Weiner speaking, Andrew Breitbart took the podium in the hotel ballroom, and demanded an apology. Consequently, the reporters pressed Weiner on whether he apologized to Breitbart specifically. After 2 evasions about apologizing to "everybody," he finally uttered the magic words, "I apologize to Andrew Breitbart." He admitted to exchanging photos of an...(Read Full Post)