Krugman says Medicare is 'sustainable'

According to Nobel laureate economist and ultra-left columnist Paul Krugman, Medicare in its current form is sustainable. That is as long as you make some major changes to it.

Super-Smart Ultra-Liberal Nobel laureate NY Times columnist economist Paul Krugman posted that Medicare is sustainable in its current form.  That is as long as there are fundamental changes made to what it covers.

"I keep seeing people say that Medicare in its current form is not sustainable, as if that were an established fact. It's anything but," claims Mr. Krugman. That lead-off statement seems clear enough for even idiots like us to understand.  He goes on to say,

"What is true is that the U.S. Medicare is expensive ... that's because Medicare American-style is very open-ended, reluctant to say no to paying for medically dubious procedures, and also fails to make use of its pricing power over drugs and other items. So Medicare will have to start saying no; it will have to provide incentives to move away from fee for service, and so on and so forth. But such changes would not mean a fundamental change in the way Medicare works."

He's proposing that Washington bureaucrats will be making more medical decisions for our seniors. Now I may not be a super smart Nobel laureate economist but I think that I can figure out that saying "no" more often and changing the way things are paid would be seriously fundamental change. For him to claim otherwise is absurd.

And what's with the "and so on and so forth" comment? I think he's referring to pretty big so ons and and so forths.

But then again, according to Mr. Krugman's post, if we think otherwise we are just too "stupid"  to understand what he is saying so we'll have to take his word for it.