Sarah Rides Roughshod over Media Mutts

I don't think Sarah Palin could possibly have picked a better way to attract the attention and the admiration of millions of Americans than by the tactic she's employing: making total fools of the liberal media that has done its very damnedest to destroy her.  Her refusal to cooperate with the media by providing her itinerary has them absolutely frothing at the mouth, appearing, as one cartoonist depicted, to be a pack of yapping mutts mindlessly chasing a bus down the highway.

And once again, when the snotty elites thought they'd caught her in another gaffe regarding her claim that Paul Revere not only warned the colonials on his famous ride but likewise warned the British of the mobilization of the Minutemen, attempting to convince them not to oppose the colonials' actions, Sarah had it right according to historians; it's her gleeful, liberal detractors who now have egg smeared ear to ear.

Nothing so delights the masses as seeing an underdog take a hearty bite out of the butt of the know-it-all media nobility as Sarah so capably does; it's on a par with seeing a protected darling of that same privileged class take it in the shorts as has that prince of pomposity, the smug, sneering Anthony Weiner. We may have to suffer silently most of the time while these liberal fools tell us how to think and live our lives but occasionally, just occasionally, we do get some justice.