Time Magazine's Buffoonery Exposed

Let's face the ugly truth: there is a movement in this country to diminish the weight of the United States Constitution, the very basis of our liberties and the most successful framework of governance int he history of mankind. It stands in the way of the dreams of statists, and for that reason, is under attack.

The latest journalistic assault on the Constitution came from Richard Stengel, managing editor of Time Magazine, in a cover story (!) last week, that was nothing less than disgraceful and laughable. Mark J, Fitzgibbons wrote a quick blog for AT debunking the story, but now on Patterico's Pontifications comes a more thorough and absolutely devastating essay by Richard Worthing, "Thirteen Clear Factual Errors in Richard Stengel's Essay on the Constitution"

The logic and evidence are impeccable. read, enjoy, and pass along the essay. Time Magazine has descended to the level of intellectual buffoonery. An already fading jorunalistic institution can be said to be in  its moral death throes, publishing tripe like this. Stengel deserves all the scorn that thinking people can dish out.

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