Soros-supported group behind trumped up choking charge against Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser

Jonathan Tobin writes at Commentary Contentions that a Soros-supported group is behind the trumped up charges that  Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser "choked" a liberal colleague of his, Ann Walsh Bradley:

The Associated Press is reporting a criminal inquiry has been opened into the accusation that conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser "choked" liberal colleague Ann Walsh BradleyChristian Schneider, a fellow at the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, writes in National Review today to tell the inside story about this judicial brawl. According to Schneider's sources, the set-to between the two judges turns out to have been instigated by Bradley, who charged Prosser, who had put his hands up to ward off his colleague's assault.

The two were immediately separated, after which Bradley claimed she had been "choked," even though the majority of those present said it never happened.

Schneider says those involved believe Bradley chose not to make a complaint herself because she knew it wouldn't stand up in court. The story was leaked to the George Soros-funded Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism, which promoted the accusation against Prosser and backed it up with anonymous sources.

Prosser was the conservative who won a recent judicial election and provided-and will continue to provide-a key vote on the Supreme Court that many hope will help Scott Walker and his efforts to reform Wisconsin state government and its economy.This is par for the course for George Soros and his band of political activists and their wealthy liberal backers. They are perfecting the art of character assassination as a political tool.

This "game" was played quite well in Colorado and was the basis for a superb article back in July 2008 by Fred Barnes (see The Colorado Model: The Democrats' Plan for Turning Red States Blue  A book was later written about this history -- "The Blueprint: How the Democrats Won Colorado (and Why Republicans Everywhere Should be Worried)" by Adam Schrager and Rob Witwer).But Colorado was not the only state where Soros & Company have tried these dirty tricks.

I wrote back in 2008 in "The Soros Connection in the Minnesota Senate Race Vote Count" that a Soros-supported group ginned up calls for investigations of Norm Coleman in his race against the Soros-supported Al Franken:

The Alliance is calling for investigations by the FBI and the Senate Ethics Committee into allegations that a major fundraiser and longtime friend diverted thousands of dollars to Coleman's reelection efforts. Coleman denies any wrongdoing and welcomes a quick investigation to put the controversy to rest. This follows in the wake of other efforts by the same group to besmirch Norm Coleman during the campaign (it paid for ads attacking Coleman for granting tax breaks to oil companies, and connected those actions to donations made to him by "oil and gas" interests).


Who is funding The Alliance for a Better Minnesota? Rob McKay, Anna Burger and George Soros are all involved in funneling money and presumably advice to a group called Fund For America, a so-called 527 political action committee. This group serves as a conduit to funnel money and support to, among a few other groups, the Alliance for a Better Minnesota. A map of the relationships has been prepared by the Center for Investigative Reporting, which is, in part, supported by George Soros's Open Society Institute.

The buzz generated by these calls for an investigation was picked up by the liberal media echo chamber and caused political problems for Coleman in his tight race against Franken. Coleman very narrowly lost to Franken after a recount. The election itself was marked by controversy over the counting of ballots. The calls for an investigation itself went nowhere because the allegations were bogus and specious. But the fake charges had done their work.Now Soros and his merry band of liberal operatives are trying the tried and true tactic of sponsoring smear lawsuits.Lawfare - -the newest political tactic. And just another way to smear opponents. When people see smoke they tend naturally to think there is fire. Soros likes smoke-and smokescreens.