The Chris Wallace insult to Michele Bachmann

There's no way that the chuckling, aw-shucks apology proffered to Michele Bachmann in a web-video by Fox's Chris Wallace makes sufficient amends for smearing the candidate in their interview on Fox News Sunday. Registered Democrat Wallace gave Obama and the Democrats a valuable sound-bite for their campaign ads while assuring that the words "Bachmann" and "flake" will be inextricably linked on Google and other search engines for the foreseeable future. A slur in front of a national television audience is in no way ameliorated by a pre-vacation web video unlikely to be circulated much beyond the confines of the alternative media. I submit to you that the apology is disingenuous in that Wallace carries the same smirk in his apologia that he wore when posing his insulting question to Representative Bachmann. Anyone who has seen the video can tell that Rep. Bachmann was hurt by Wallace's aspersion. The question fits the "when-did-you-stop-beating your-wife" mold we have come to expect...(Read Full Post)