Sen. Claire McCaskill Running Scared Claiming to be 'Feisty Independent'

Apparently Claire McCaskill (D-MO) is hoping her constituents in Missouri have developed amnesia about her liberal positions as she tries to retain her Senate seat in 2012. On Friday's Hannity, Frank Luntz showcased a focus-group comprised of Democrat and Republican voters who graded a mix of current elected officials and their accompanying answers to a handful of questions focusing on our national debt, the deficit, and the economy.  In addition to McCaskill, others who participated were Senators John Kyl, Rand Paul, and Jim DeMint. Claire McCaskill declared, "We have to spend less; we have to be willing to compromise."  She claims that some of her colleagues don't agree with her "feisty independent streak" which also seeks to raise taxes on business owners and investors while wanting to cut spending "across the board" including "waste in the Pentagon."  White it certainly is true that we have to look "across the board" for spending cuts, the case may be a...(Read Full Post)