More UN IPCC Climate Nonsense

The United States contributes 22 per cent of the budget of the United Nations plus a myriad of other fees, the total of which is by far the largest of any nation.  Ever wonder what the average citizen gets for the billions in taxpayer dollars?

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), although recently assailed with a number of scandals involving its science and published papers, is scheduled to meet in Peru next week to discuss the issue of "climate change" yet again.  In a leaked document obtained by The Telegraph (UK) this agency has outlined a series of techniques in which scientists hope will manipulate the world's climate to reduce carbon emissions.

(Yes, these were proposed with a serious demeanor and straight face)

Per the Telegraph:

Among the ideas proposed by a group of 60 leading scientists from around the world, including Britain, include producing "lighter colored" crops to reflect sunlight, blasting aerosol "mirrors" into the stratosphere and suppressing cirrus clouds.

Other suggestions include spraying sea water into clouds as another reflection mechanism, depositing massive quantities of iron filings into the oceans, painting streets and roofs white and adding lime to oceans.

Britain has backed a series of research projects with millions of pounds, including one being operated by Bristol University to develop a "hose" hold up by balloons, in which sulphates can be sent into the stratosphere.  The Royal Society is reportedly also attempting to develop international guidelines and principles around the topic.

Next week's meeting in Peru is expected to back proposals to fund more research, and even large-scale experimentation.

While the globe teeters on the brink of another financial crisis and many countries, including the United States are technically insolvent, these so-called experts, whose livelihood depends on UN and government largess, continue to exploit the science-fiction fantasy of manmade "climate change."   Another sterling example of your tax dollars at work.

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