My Little Chat With Tony Kushner

A New York reader we'll call "Michelle" sent in the following story:

Walking back from synagogue on Saturday, I saw playwright Tony Kushner strolling with a man I assumed was his spouse.  Kushner was recently awarded an honorary degree from the City University of New York, creating a controversy over his history of demonizing Israel. Kushner has accused Israel of being a Nazi state that commits "ethnic cleansing" and said Israel's founding was a "moral calamity."

As he stood next to me at the light, I said, "Tony?" He looked up with a smile. In a pleasant, conversational tone, I said, "You're dead wrong about Israel. And dangerously so."

Here was his response. "F---k you, assh-le! You don't know what I think about Israel. You haven't read what I wrote." 

I replied, "Yes, I have."

His response: "No you haven't, assh--le!"

And then he said, "How dare you speak to me on the street like that! F--k you!!"

I guess Kushner enjoys his right of free speech to spread lies around the world. But he doesn't enjoy my right of free speech to tell him he's wrong.

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