President 'words matter' Obama's doubletalk on Israel

Rick Richman nails President Obama's "confusing" (a word he uses to be polite) and contradictory positions on Israel at Jewish Current Issues. President Obamaspeaks about "the President's speech" as a basis for new negotiations, which speech does it mean? Yesterday a  said one thing in his May 19 State Department address, which was aimed at the Palestinians and their European supporters, and then said something different on May 22 to AIPAC. So when the administration "Senior Administration Official" gave a confusing answer on background. Later that day, the Spokesperson of the State Department was asked to clarify, and gave an equally confusing answer (I am using the word "confusing" in an attempt to be diplomatic). See if you can figure out what the administration position is. This is far from the first time President Obama has taken multiple sides of an issue related to Isarel and the Palestinians: When Obama spoke to AIPAC in 2008, his let-me-be-clear pledge of an...(Read Full Post)