The Full Biblical Monty

Parents, shield your eyes, as the material presented within this page may be offensive.  Do you wonder what the offensive material might be?  Do you think your potentially salacious gaze is to be directed at yet another photo of Anthony Weiner's bulging briefs?

No, dear hearts.

It seems some engraved paving bricks, costing from $100 to $250 per stepping stone, and originally destined to be a walkway for Palm Desert High School, have been deemed pernicious enough to derail the school's entire fund-raising project.  A full frontal portrait of the offending bricks can be found here.  

Gasp!  Now that you have had a look at the full monty, in spite of your misgivings about viewing possibly prurient material, you will have seen Bible verses inscribed on bricks!  Were more odious words ever spoken than those of Ephesians 4:32, "Be kind to one another?"

The horror!

Of course, it is patiently explained by California's erudite educators, the offensively engraved biblical bricks constitute a serious abrogation of the Leftist interpretation of the separation of church and state.  Now you will doubtless understand, gentle reader, why the hellish -- oops; strike that word, as it indicates a superstitious religious belief -- bricks created such a ruckus. God forbid our little children should gaze on inscriptions that will permanently damage their psyches or tread on pavers which will scorch their little souls forever.  (Maybe we should strike the words "God" and "souls" as being too offensive for little eyes and ears.  Hmmm..."forever" might be a suspect word as well, as it implies there may be Eternity.)

Anyway, it's clear enough that no one in the California education business wants children to believe that God instructs us to be kind to one another and to forgive those who offend us.

It appears California's administrators and teachers would rather tolerate the bullying epidemic that has broken out like an angry pustulent rash across schools and playgrounds all over the United States, some of which episodes can be watched here; here; and here

But perhaps violent outbreaks are to be expected, as some school districts appear determined to teach hate rather than kindliness.  The following excerpts, which have been captured on videotape and are now on YouTube are from the Tucson school district's textbooks which are used in classes with students as young as third graders.  Among the offensive quotes in the kids' reading material and now engraved in their minds in preference to such pernicious admonitions as "Be kind to one another" are the following:

"Hard drugs and the drug culture is an invention of the gringo."

"We have to destroy capitalism."

"The Declaration of Independence states that we have the right to revolution.  The right to overthrow a government that has committed abuses and seek complete control over the people."

"Any country based on capitalism is based on greed."

Words which might also be deemed worthy of being engraved on paving stones are in the aforementioned textbooks and include "radical shit," "bullshit," and the Spanish word "chingado," which means "fucking." 

It is ironic that one board member, shocked by the recitation of words in texts for small children, reprimanded the irate mother who read the above quotes aloud for speaking such words.


It has been said by a long forgotten way that each generation is subject to insanity peculiar to itself, madness recognizable only from the distance of decades, centuries or even millennia.

But the Left's crazy interpretation and implementation of is concept of "separation of church and state," amply illustrated by the ban of the biblical bricks, is one of those insanities which need not take decades to recognize.

It's pretty apparent that it is time for parents to step up and put both feet down.  It's time to rebuild our country's school system, brick by brick.

Fay Voshell, who was selected as one of Delaware's Republican "Winning Women" in 2008, is a free lance writer residing in Wilmington, DE.  She can be reached at