The Full Biblical Monty

Parents, shield your eyes, as the material presented within this page may be offensive.  Do you wonder what the offensive material might be?  Do you think your potentially salacious gaze is to be directed at yet another photo of Anthony Weiner's bulging briefs? No, dear hearts. It seems some engraved paving bricks, costing from $100 to $250 per stepping stone, and originally destined to be a walkway for Palm Desert High School, have been deemed pernicious enough to derail the school's entire fund-raising project.  A full frontal portrait of the offending bricks can be found here.   Gasp!  Now that you have had a look at the full monty, in spite of your misgivings about viewing possibly prurient material, you will have seen Bible verses inscribed on bricks!  Were more odious words ever spoken than those of Ephesians 4:32, "Be kind to one another?" The horror! Of course, it is patiently explained by California's erudite educators, the offensively...(Read Full Post)