North Korean Army reportedly going hungry

Heartbreaking new video has been smuggled out of North Korea, where mass starvation has reappeared, even affecting the army.  A magazine called Rimjin Gang (using the name ASIAPRESS in English), headed by Jiro Ishimura, is devoted to smuggling images and video out of North Korea documenting the horrors of life under the Kim dynasty. Two bits of video can be seen today. One was broadcast by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The ABC was licensed to show the video only for 24 hours, so has taken it down, but other sites still carry it, and it can be seen here. The ABC describes it: Shot over several months by an undercover North Korean journalist, the harrowing footage shows images of filthy, homeless and orphaned children begging for food and soldiers demanding bribes. The footage also shows North Koreans labouring on a private railway track for the dictator's son and heir near the capital Pyongyang. Strolling up to the site supervisor, the man with the hidden camera asks...(Read Full Post)