No Budget Senate to 'streamline' appointments

What would you say if I told you that a Senate which hasn't passed a budget in 800 days and seemingly does nothing but model ties and cut ribbons is about to "streamline" presidential appointments by abdicating authority to the executive branch? It's true. This do nothing Senate is so overworked that it has decided unilaterally to gut the system of checks-and-balances conceived in liberty by America's Founders. The bill - The Presidential Appointment Efficiency Act - is well-named (Who doesn't want Thomas Freidman-style "efficiency"? Hey, the Chinese have it, right?) but the best part is the co-sponsor list: -Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)-Lamar Alexander (R-Tennessee)-Jon Kyl (R-Arizona)-Richard Lugar (R-Indiana)-Mike Johanns (R-Nebraska)-Scott Brown (R-Massachusetts)-Susan Collins (R-Maine) Brown is predictable. But Kyl and McConnell? The executive branch is out of control; yet when a check is needed - when the Constitution needs defending! - it seems the protectors are...(Read Full Post)