Helen Thomas wants her old job back

She's ba-a-ack! Maybe.

Helen Thomas, the elderly--90+--Hearst columnist who made the other White House press correspondents look good, misses her old seat there according to the
Daily Caller.  homas, who was forcibly retired last year after her vile remarks about Jews and Israelis, stated

Nothing can replace being there when you're a reporter," Thomas said. "Seeing with your own eyes - no, nothing can replace that. I was very lucky to cover history for so long."

Wanting to continue "to cover history" instead of making it, she reapplied to regain her old post.

However she

hadn't gotten an official response and assumed she had been denied.

"In a back way," Thomas said. "I've been denied - I think so, I never heard."

Whew! She won't be back to spout silliness and worse. That's a relief. For her also.