Minimum wage madness exposed

A real life experiment has revealed the madness of raising the minimum wage. One of the tenets of brain dead liberalism is that raising the minimum wage benefits workers.  In the imaginary world of liberals, government edicts make the world run, and market forces count for nothing.  Such thinking can only come from people who have never invested their own money, taken responsibility for hiring and paying people, and had to live with market responses. The GAO has just released a report (summary here) on the effect of raising the minimum wage in American Samoa and the Northern Mariana Islands to mainland US levels.  What cause could appeal more to liberals? Eliminating discrimination! Treating all American citizens the same! Rescuing exploited workers from evil companies exploiting them! Well, in the real world, if employees cannot produce value in excess of what they are paid, they don't have jobs anymore. Anyone who has had to meet a payroll knows this, though people...(Read Full Post)