A Clueless, Callous Commander-in-Chief

Obama's bumbling, bungled delivery at Fort Drum yesterday represents far more than mere confusion; it clearly demonstrates a lack of care, an inattention to detail in matters very important to his audience, an insensitivity to the families of dead warriors, a dismissive disrespect of SSGT Giunta, and a casual slap in the face to the entire United States military.

If you are going to be the Commander-in-Chief, Barry, then as this old sergeant would have instructed one of his troops after such a disgraceful performance, "Soldier up fool and get your sh*t straight. You are talking about recipients of the highest award for valor their nation can bestow upon their warriors. You have flippantly dishonored the award itself and all those to whom it has ever been awarded. You are an embarrassment to the world, your country and most importantly to the troops you supposedly command."

What a sorry, sorry performance...what it demonstrates most clearly is why gradually increasing experience and leadership responsibility are essential before anyone should even be considered for  the Commander-in-Chief's position.

Among the many roles a president must perform, that of leader of our military forces, is the one most difficult to fulfill successfully because the men and women who comprise those forces are those very Americans who suffer fools least gladly. They have been there and done that and are quick to spot the fast-talking phony who has not. That is why military personnel wear campaign and accomplishment ribbons on their uniforms-those brightly colored little strips, meaningless to civilians, provide a quick read to fellow warriors as to where you've been and what you've been through. It's the equivalent of your military history displayed for your fellow warriors to see. Our current C-in-C hasn't a single, earned ribbon.

And, brother, is it ever obvious....

Barry is nothing more than a great pretender, a community organizer elevated far beyond deserved rank, completely oblivious to the gravitas of his role. I deplore the overuse of the term offended in today's society but, can there be anyone associated with the military who is not offended by this clueless, callous affront to all warriors?

SSGT Russ Vaughn
2d Bn, 327th Parachute Infantry Regiment
101st Airborne Division
Vietnam 65-66

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